Job Description

 Come join our team as help us making the delicious bakery items we sell each day. You'll be baking croissants, muffins, and bagels as well as decorating/finishing different types of donuts. Enjoy time away from others while earning money!

Duties & Expectations:

-Must maintain a clean baking station, including wiping/cleaning all surfaces, sweeping/mopping floors, doing your dishes (all trays & tools you used to make bakery items), & taking out trash to nearby dumpster

-Manage your time closely to ensure you get everything baked/finished by allotted timeframe; must be fast & work efficiently

-Able to work independently in the evening 

-Able & willing to maintain communication with manager regarding possible issues, questions, or updates

-Able to make, bake, & decorate a large quantity of donuts & breads

-Able to stand/be on feet for a prolonged period of time

-Able to lift boxes up to 50 lbs. or slightly more

-Not afraid to get dirty with glaze, frosting, etc. nor afraid to utilize a hot baking oven

-Maintain inventory of bakery ingredients/items in order to be able to inform manager of things that are low or out as well as maintain proper inventory count of all donuts & breads by performing basic subtraction

-Care about producing quality product & doing your best at work